Sunday, January 11, 2015

Fletcher & Trolley

Today is Sunday. It is rather rainy outside. Perfect. I think about my Dad, a couple hundred miles north, who loves the rain. Did I learn to love it because of how connected I was to him as a "patojita"? That's Guatemalan slang for "little girl".  Whatever it is, wherever the reason comes from, rain inspires a certain openness inside me, like around the heart area, that seems to want to rush out in expression with a squeal. 

Okay, now that we got how I feel out of the way, I am sitting at one of my local St. Arbucks occasionally writing, but mostly staring, sipping my cappuccino and wondering what to tell you today. How about "It has been a long time"? Or "The 'you' I just mentioned doesn't even exist yet"? :) It's great knowing nobody will read this. It's kind of a freeing thing. Kind of like that squeal when it rains. I'm feeling like telling you that I am grateful for my rentree.

So today I am grateful. No, really. I am not doing a focus on gratitude, or how many days in a row I can add up for the sake of gratitude and positivity. Nothing wrong with those, just not me today, not here. I am grateful because my forever wedded life partner texted me this morning from a different area of our home, that I should consider going out of the house to write. I should mention that we have progeny that have recently joined the joys of life on planet earth. And by saying "joys of life", I mean, all-cap JOYS. There is much JOY in pulling the hair of a sibling. Much JOY in eating one's own dried out mucus trappings. Much JOY in the percussion that die-cast metal cars emanate against a quivering sliding glass door. Much JOY is found in a simple diaper, when the contents are so surprising to the touch, smell and sight with its varying hues depending on the color and texture of the surface you choose to coat or simply stripe. My children do know how to make a joyful noise or five. And back to my dear husband I go. He chose Joy this morning. So that I may trouve Mrs. Write again. And continuing where I left off so long ago. And by so doing, impart our family's JOYS upon your unsuspecting senses.

Happy joyous new year to you, fashionably late, from the corner of Fletcher & Trolley.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Caleb and Coffee...

So yes, this is my first blog. It was time. I am here. Hardly morning, but just had a mug of coffee. It's never too early or too late. Kind of like time with Caleb. That doesn't exclude being tired. So on with this day.

Will finish up projects for his room. Happy to have God here today.